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This resonated with me


Jan 13, 2024

Giving rights to our emotions

I've read something today that truly resonated with me.

Don't demonize your emotioms, the sadness, jealousy and anger.

Don't reject all the painful emotions that come along with being human.

All those emotions make you human.

You shouldn't feel guilty for feeling these powerful emotions.

The goal isn't to never feel them, it's simply to learn how to react when they appear.

Once you realize that your emotions are simply just your emotions, you start to feel lighter about them. They come and go like every wave in the sea. You never know when a bigger wave might come and crash on to the shore.

When you accept this part about yourself, you can never belittle someone who isn't on the same path as you.

Nobody is obliged to know what you know or believe in what you believe in.

Let it go. Don't expect people to act a certain way, this only weighs you down.

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