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How we got it all wrong: What it truly means to be feminine.

Femininity has been shifted and twisted in so many ways. Back 2000 years ago, women and men held the same masculine and feminine divine qualities that we do now; it's in our human nature. Some qualities of the divine masculine are logical, adventurous, reasonable, humble, loyal, and supportive. Both men and women hold these qualities, and I think it's for the best reasons. Some qualities of the divine feminine are creative, trusting, compassionate, intuitive, and patient. Once again, both men and women hold these qualities. Through the power of social media and how much information goes around, I have seen way too many criteria’s for femininity. How can a woman feel empowered and confident in herself if there are constantly boxes we need to fit into? That actually relates to how thinking and being logical about how you're going to do something rather than naturally following your heart is more masculine. I'm still 21, so I can confidently say I'm still on my journey of discovering what being feminine means to me. Honestly, the journey of discovering it for myself rather than trying to fit under a criteria is so much more beautiful. To change, stand up for yourself, love, and embrace what flows into and out of my life is feminine to me.

Every single woman is unique in her own ways. From the way she jokes to how she cares for others, how she dances, and what she does to unwind. The way a woman shows up in this world stems from how she was brought up. I truly think the love of one's mother, or the love one receives from caregivers enhances the qualities of one's divine feminine. Love is the base of femininity. Love is the divine power that each human can get a hold of, yet not many use it to their advantage. A woman's love is her power. Most importantly, how you present and love yourself radiates from within. If you hate the way your body looks, if you see flaws in yourself, or even find yourself annoying, people will notice. If you choose to follow a criteria on how to be feminine, how to dress, how to style your hair etc., you'll feel as if you need to do all that to feel feminine. That is, in fact, not true. You already are everything that you want to be and every external source will just enhance how you already feel about yourself. Don't count on getting lip filler to feel more beautiful. Don't count on weight loss to solve your self-esteem issues. Start with your heart, how do you want to show up in this world? How do you want to treat others? How can you spread more good? How are you going to prioritize yourself first? Once you figure out your intentions and your mental health, the rest will follow. You'll feel lighter. It'll feel easier to do what's best for you. Taking care of yourself first is the most feminine thing you could do. How can you show grace and love to others if you don't show it towards yourself?

One of the criteria for femininity that I have looked at is being provided for. Now, this is a tough one as dating back 100 years ago, the man was the primary provider in a family. However, this criteria doesn't mean that to be feminine you need all your bills to be paid for by your man. If your man makes you feel loved and cared for, then that's way more important. If he makes you forget all your worries and relax, then that's a feminine feeling. If feeling worry-free and relaxed includes your bills being paid by him, then that's your own criteria. It's quite simple really; every woman has different needs. Don't follow another woman's needs. Remember how I mentioned every woman is unique? Take that exactly as is and let go of any expectations you have towards being feminine. If you do everything with love and through your pure heart, you're doing it right. I have seen so much about femininity taken out of context. Real feminine women don't make their whole life existence about money. It's actually quite ridiculous to think that at one point the way I looked at men was through what they could buy me. I left friends whom influenced me in the wrong way, that way I actually had space to find myself. Men don't actually make you more feminine but they sure can enhance your safety and well-being.

The only way to feel more feminine is by following your heart, staying present, and having high standards. By high standards, I mean standards that protect your integrity and values, and you can make those up yourself! I'm so at peace and in love with myself that I truly want to help all the girls out there. Social media is nothing but a game and it's easy to get consumed and overstimulated by what people think it means to be feminine. But here I am talking about my perspective on it, LOL. Keep in mind, there is no criteria for femininity, whatever makes you feel beautiful and loved is the way to true divine feminine energy. Empower yourself through yourself and believe that you are feminine just the way you are. But... if you treat people like shit and judge other women for being themselves you are no feminine woman. You're just a piece of shit.

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