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How did I end up here creating a blog?

January 11th, 2024.

My heart is full and my ambitions are high. That is why I finally created a space where I can feel safe to pour my heart out and be selfish. Although, that's exactly what I thought talking about myself was. At some point I created this idea in my mind where if I were to overshare, I would become arrogant, annoying and self-absorbed. And no, that doesn't stop me from talking and sharing my opinions. Anytime I do end up sharing something about my personal life my inner self kicks and turns my every organ. Let me change that belief right here, at 7:15PM.

It'y my day off work today and roughly one and a half hours ago I finished my Google Certificate in Project Management. If you were to ask me why I took the course in the first place, I would have no answer. It took me 6 months to finish that course. The thing about me is my interests and career paths change almost every day. ALMOST EVERY DAY. I do bring myself back to the present when I get the chance. And I get a lot of chances during the day. You can find a chance to ground yourself pretty much anywhere you are. Unless you're having a conversation with someone where you actually have to get out of your head and focus on listening to the person, making them feel heard and understood. Back to the story, right after finishing the course I had this natural urge to create a website. For what sole purpose? Well, every purpose. I wanted to create a blog where I can do THIS. This, what you're reading right now. I jumped on wix, bought everything I needed to create my own website, got the domain and it was that quick. I did it.

I will check in very soon again. I love you.

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