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You are the only resource you can control. Accept it.

Updated: Apr 26

It feels enlightening to finally understand that I can't change a single person. I can't change how the world operates nor how people react to natural events. It feels so refreshing that the tension in my shoulders has disappeared and all doubts have eased. I don't think a person can permanently remove the feeling of wanting to be understood, we are human, but I do believe a person can get less hung up on subconsciously absorbing others. This brings me back to the point of how you can't control others but in fact can control yourself.

You can only control yourself and where you are headed, then pray the right people will come along and join you for the ride.

As a very emotional person overall, I've been trying every way possible to make people understand exactly where I'm coming from and how I'm feeling. I bet we've all felt that longing for others to understand you on a deeper level. Connecting with someone on a wave of pure understanding is rare. Every single human on this Earth has been born completely unique. Then conditioned and raised by the people around them to become their own beings. The more I want the people around me to understand me, the more frustrated I get. It's definitely possible, but to what extent? It's possible to communicate and connect with others even if you don't have the same world view. We do it every day, with the strangers we meet, family and friends. Believe it or not, connecting with others gives us a sense of control, just like with anything else in life. We do it subconsciously, navigating through life whilst finding anything that can give us the feeling of control. Control is part of our human nature, even letting go of control is the process of control in itself. This links back to why we feel frustrated when someone doesn’t understand our point or perspective. We are not in control of them.

Now imagine being conscious enough to understand when we control and why? Control won't disappear however you can take advantage of your consciousness. Now, you can slowly change your perspective and daily intentions. As control is in our human DNA and nature we can accept it just as that. Observe how your brain will try make sense of everything. What happens around you, how time flows and how nature grows happens in its own divine timing. How people feel, how others learn and grow happens in its own divine timing. You can master your own intentions and actions.

Master the art of observing and not absorbing.

You can take that deep breath now as you let go of all your expectations toward everything in this life of yours. You are not defined by what you’ve been through or how you grew up. You are who you are now. Your heart can be filled with gratitude rather than resentment and judgment. You have all the choices in the world to help you become the person you want to be. Once you figure out who you want to become, what values you want to hold, and how you want to show up in this world, the right people will flow into your life. You’ll feel at ease with them. Actually, your life will flow the way it’s supposed to. You won’t be angry with people for having their own personalities and opinions, because they have chosen who they are for today. And that has nothing to do with you. Believe me, once you start with yourself, building your heart with pureness, the world around you will shine. Once the world around you shines, you can spread your intentions and love even further capturing even more people into your circle of growth, love and positivity.

Sometimes getting what’s on my mind out to you helps me put myself into perspective. Let go, continue to grow and be just yourself. That’s all we need from others, and that’s all we need from ourselves.

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Apr 25

"...they have chosen who they are for today. And that has nothing to do with you." Reading it. Absorbing it. Accepting it.

Apr 25
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I love it💓💓💓



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