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My L'Occitane favorites <3

I prioritize self care daily. I appreciate and am grateful to be me so of course I deserve to splurge on myself and take care of my body. Not only does skincare boost my confidence but it reminds me that spending time on myself is just as important ,if not even more, as everything else in my life. Feel good do good. L'Occitane is a beautiful beauty brand so here's what I use.

Almond Shower Scrub -

This scrub exfoliates so well yet it's perfect for my sensitive skin. I use this twice a week and my skin had an amazing transformation (plus the scent is so delicious). I was so happy to finally find a scrub that does what it's supposed to do.

Almond Shower Oil -

High chances you've heard of this one. I use this in the shower on my body and to shave my legs. It has almond oil in it and the texture is beautiful. It's clear and transparent but once the shower oil touches water it turns into a milky white and creamy texture. This leaves my skin so soft (much needed in winter). You know how soaps and washes leave your skin feeling tight and dry? Well this doesn't. Yes, this also smells so good.

Ultra Rich Body Cream -

L'Occitane had this product out for a long time now. I understand why people love and are committed to it. It's 25% shea butter which does wonders for dry and sensitive skin. I recommend this for winter. I use this right after showering and exfoliating my body. It soothes my skin and got rid of any bumps I had (silky smooth skin finally). 10/10

Shea Butter Hand Cream -

This one is a must have. It has been going viral on TikTok but this hand cream has been a best seller for decades. The formula is amazing and it's 20% shea butter. It's thick yet it melts into your hands and moisturizes every little crack on the skin. I usually spread this up on my arms. If you lather this on at night be ready to wake up with the softest baby hands.

Aqua Réotier Refreshing Eye Gel -

I'm not a fan of eye creams and gels but this one I will continue to use. It has a metal roll on tip which gently massages my under eyes. This eye gel has calcium, caffeine and hyaluronic acid. these ingredients refresh my eyes and make me look like I've slept for years. It's so gentle. The only down side is it doesn't pair well with my makeup so I tend to only use it at night or on no make up days. You can also put this eye gel in the fridge for ultimate de-puffing.

You can have a look at L'Occitane's websites for more information but I honestly love all of these. I feel so fancy I love it.

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