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Dissatisfaction VS Contentment.

Contentment is a feeling of quite happiness and satisfaction. Even the sound of contentment sounds so blissful and desirable. But dissatisfaction is what we tend to feel more often. On some days I have this overwhelming feeling and urge to want more in my life. I tend to feel as if something is missing whilst knowing that everything that's in my current life is balanced. I'm fed, I'm safe, I'm blessed and consistently working towards everything I want. What more do I want right now? Out of no where the dissatisfaction slowly creeps in.

If outside validation is your only source of nourishment you will hunger for the rest of your life.

Subconsciously we tend to set certain expectations on what we should be achieving in the moment. Our minds always think of what we should be doing, if we're doing enough and what we can add to our doings. To sit in peace seems hard to achieve when our mind keeps racing. Our egos are always lurking around. You'll notice that when everything is going well and calm, your ego will seek dissatisfaction. Your ego wants to feel hurt, it wants to feel seen. Treat your thoughts like passing traffic. They'll pass by, they'll try race you or even maybe tailgate you. You can't control the cars that pass by, as they're each to their own. What you can do is learn to not react. You can learn how to stay calm, steadily moving forward in contentment.

Do you allow yourself to slow down without fearing you won't get somewhere in time? Let yourself slow down. In fact, allow yourself to slow down and lower your expectations. Learn the language of you. Start appreciating all the little things. Finding imperfections in your daily life is easier than finding things to be grateful for. Feeling dissatisfaction is the easy route. But what if you start challenging yourself? What if the contentment you crave is already there within you?

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Jan 21

"Do you allow yourself to slow down without fearing you won't get somewhere in time? Let yourself slow down." This is the reminder I needed today. Thank you, Anna.



Thank you for sharing!

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